Friday, 4 September 2009

A visit to Offaly

I recently had the pleasure of making a trip to Offaly. Offaly, known until 1922 as King's County, is perhaps where the CONDR*Ns originate. Certainly there is a relatively high density of CONDR*Ns in the county in the Griffiths evaluation (mid 19th century) and again in the 1911 Irish census.

The county town is Tullamore, and just opening a copy of the Tullamore Tribune I spotted several occurences of the name Condron, including one of the reporters! Also just outside the centre of town is the Condron Concrete factory.

One of the high spots of my brief stay in Offaly was to visit the historic holy site of Clonmacnoise which was often known in the 19th century as the Seven Churches (e.g. The Kings County Directory 1890 compiled by John Wright, see also wikipedia). There are some well preserved (and very well displayed) decorated High Crosses there, the oldest dating from c. 800AD.

Beyond the ancient remains lies a modern burial ground, and I spotted three Condron headstones there. Here are photos of them. (Click on any one of them to see a larger image.) I wonder if anyone reading this is related to these Condrons? It would be good to hear from you.

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