Saturday, 8 November 2008

CONDRANs of Nova Scotia

I'm grateful to Darrell Condran of Nova Scotia, Canada, administrator of the Condran Clan group on Facebook, for permission to share this picture of Condran's Grocery in Woodside, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. John Condran, who was Darrell's ggg-grandfather, was one of the original settlers of Woodside, Dartmouth, in the mid-nineteenth century. There have been CONDRANs in Nova Scotia ever since. The store in Woodside was founded by Darrell's g-grandfather. Darrell took the picture about 30 years ago, since which the store has been demolished.

The Condran Clan group connects Condrans from across the world, including Australia, Canada and the USA. If you are a Condran I encourage you to go and find the group on Facebook!