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Senator Michael H. CONDRON

The Massachusetts State House, Boston (image copyright of  Shane Hawke -
Michael Henry CONDRON, a three-term Democrat senator for Berkshire in the Massachusetts Senate, was born in Pittsfield, MA, on Feb. 13, 1882, and died there on 9 May 1966. A master plumber by trade, Michael CONDRON served a term in the Massachusetts House in 1939-1940 and three consecutive terms in the Massachusetts Senate 1945-1950. Following his defeat in the 1950 election, he was appointed director of civil service registration by Massachusetts Governer Dever.

Michael Henry CONDRON was the son of Irish immigrant Michael CONDRON, who married Maria KANE in Pittsfield, MA, on 12 April 1877. The 1900 census indicates that Michael and Maria had 14 children, of whom seven were still living at that time. These were: Lizzie (born 1879), John (1880), Michael Henry (1882), Katie (1884), Patrick (1886), Nellie (1888) and Annie (1891).

The marriage record of Michael CONDRON senior indicates that he was born in King's County, Ireland, in about 1851, and that his parents (and hence the grandparents of Michael Henry CONDRON) were Patrick and Bridget CONDRON. Interestingly, two other CONDRON men who were born in Ireland and lived and got married in Pittsfield also gave their parents' names as Patrick and Bridget. One was Patrick CONDRON, born in about 1845 in "Tolemore, Ireland" [possibly Tullamore, King's County], who married Mary LALLY (also variously recorded as LARLEY and LASLEY) in 1875. The other was John CONDRON, born in "Ireland" in about 1856, who married Susannah FEEHEY (or FERREY or FUREY) in 1889. Possibly Michael, Patrick and John were all brothers, though the evidence is not conclusive: Patrick and Bridget were quite common names in Ireland, and as yet I have not found three baptisms in Ireland to match these three men.

Michael Henry CONDRON married Mary Louise CULLEN on 11 October 1905 in Pittsfield. They had eight children: Edward Henry (1907), Mary Elizabeth (1908), Marjorie Louise (1910), Michael Harold (1912), John Farley Francis (1916), Francis Joseph (1918), Elizabeth Helen (1919) and Joseph James (1924). Francis Joseph CONDRON followed in his father's footsteps of public service, serving as city clerk for Pittsfield from 1971 until 1983.

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