Wednesday, 4 February 2009

CONDR*N update

Its been a while since I posted, though the CONDR*N one-name study has not been inactive! New records of births for County Wicklow have been put online by the Irish Family History Federation (IFHF - see the blog entry for 5 April 2008), which is an important county for CONDR*Ns with over 250 entries, particularly in Arklow. Also I'm happy to have had contact with a couple of people decended from the Condron brushmakers featured in the posting of 12 October 2008. And I discovered recently two more Facebook Groups devoted to Condrons: "Condron Family Tree" and "Condrons" - it's great to see some younger(!) Condr*ns also interested in tracing family roots.

In the UK the 1911 census for much - not yet all - of England has been released online. To date I have traced 231 CONDR*Ns, and no doubt this number will increase particularly when County Durham goes online, as well as the Welsh counties.

Another important development has been the pilot-version release of Irish civil births, marriages and deaths indices for 1845-1958 at the Family Search Record Search. Previously these were only available as far as I know by visiting the records office in Ireland. Of course I am extracting all the CONDR*Ns and so should be able to help if anyone is looking for a CONDR*N in Ireland in that time frame.

That's a quick update. Do keep those emails coming!


ryan said...

Wow, never imagined there would be a blog devoted to the study of the Condr*n last name. That's so great!

The farthest back my family can trace our roots is to my great great grandpa, Peter Condron, who came over to the states during the civil war era. He lived in Texas and had 16 kids...

We have lots of pictures from from when he got to America but nothing earlier.

Keep up the awesome work!


Patricia CONDRON Pfaffly said...

Condron, Peter

I would appreciate any information on my great-great grandfather and his family in Ireland. Peter emigrated to America around 1829. I am searching for information on his parents, siblings and other family information.

Peter Condron - Marysborough, Queens County, Ireland born on May 24, 1810

Patricia CONDRON Pfaffly U. S. A.

Patricia CONDRON Pfaffly said...

My Condron Ancestors From Ireland

My ancestor Peter Condron had a brother (William Condron) who also came to in America and I am searching for additional information on their ancestors as well as their descendants. I am very much hopng additional information, articles, pictures and such will surface of both Peter and William and their families. Were their other children besides them?

Patricia CONDRON Pfaffly U S A